In the previous post I told you that the design intervention area I m going to work on is recycling. The idea of recycling the things that is not being used is very amusing.

Initially it was difficult as I dint know where to start; so I some brain mapping on my area of work. It gave me a better view of things.Untitled-1

So I decided to work with rags as my waste material, and the tailor shop had a lot of it.

I started working on buttons and tassels. I made potli buttons; I tried making buttons with rings. I tried making brooches; I also had the idea of turning a basic white button into a designer button with rags and threads.

I then started exploring on how to make a cloth with rags.

First I knotted two pieces together. But it was a fail. The results were very unsatisfying. It was very untidy and uneven. It had no proper shape. It had a lot of gathers. Threads were shedding etc.

Then I decided to work in the old school style, stitching. Stitching was easier. The clothes were even and tidy. It had a proper shape and was looking very attractive.

For my colors I used primary colors with black and white. I made the cloth in color blocking.


Later I used the cloth to make hand bag. Also, I braided jute rope to make my handle.

It was a lot of fun working on the solutions. Making a handbag out of rags is something I thought ill never do, but this is what designing is about. Making the use of things that people usually throw, it was a great experience.


Details of micro area

Hello everyone. To make your day even more interesting today we are going to talk about our micro area i.e. POONAM AND SAROJ TAILORS.

As I have mentioned in the previous posts that the tailor shop had many design problems. Everyone had to come up with the design interventions that they want to work with; to start with I related the problems to each design intervention areas as follows.

  1. Marketing and packaging [creative campaign, multimedia,2d/3d print]
  • Visiting cards
  • Boards and hoardings
  • Carry bags
  • Digital marketing


  1. Display [space styling, installation] 
  • Ceiling wallpaper not appropriate
  • Mannequins required
  • Rags lying everywhere on the floor
  • Bags and polythene lying everywhere
  • More tables than required
  • Trial room not appropriate



  1. Storage [space styling] 
  • Cupboard not stored properly
  • Haphazardly stuffed clothes
  • Basement space not well utilized for storage.



  1. Lighting and seating [space styling and installation 
  • Dirty and dark basement
  • No seating or waiting area
  • Barely any light in trial room


  1. Recycling [Installation]


I loved all the design interventions, but Recycling attracted me the most.

Come back again to see what I did with my design intervention area.



Demarcation of the market

Welcome back. As we discussed in the last post that today we will talk about the demarcation of the market.

Rajouri market is a very big market which mostly satisfies all the shopping needs. From clothes to shoes, food to salons etc. everything combined in just a big market. Every group was asked to make a 2D map of the market. But the market was too big so we were asked to make the area around our selected micro area. It wasn’t an easy task. We had to collect all the information about how many stores were there, branded or non braded, where were all the shops located etc. Finally our group managed to make an A1 size 2d map with sunboard as the base and felt as the representation of shops.


2d map.png

I hope you like it. come back to know more about the micro area that we selcted.


Shortlisted micro areas

Hola everyone. I hope your excitement is on the same level as it was before. If not then it will be, soon, because today we are going to talk about the reasons why those four shops were selected.

1stLiberty jute and carpets

  • Too shabby display, everything rolled or packed.
  • No space to walk.
  • Shopkeeper has no place to sit.
  • No proper ventilation.
  • No place to walk on pavement.
  • No proper storage.
  • Not displaying what they claim to sell.

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2ndBottoms girls jeans store

  • Small entrance.
  • Mannequins outside the shop.
  • No place to walk on pavement.
  • Display window full of stick on.
  • Everything is packed and nothing is properly displayed.

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3rdThe momoz hub

  • No sitting area.
  • Menu board not very clear.
  • Dustbin right in front of the shop.

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4th Poonam and Saroj tailors tailors

  • In basement.
  • Basement not lit.
  • No ventilation.
  • Less storage.
  • Boards not visible.
  • Less walking space.
  • No waiting area.
  • Trial room has to be accessed through the counter.
  • Clothes stored in trial room.
  • 1 shop à 2 names.
  • Rags all over the place.

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In the end we chose Poonam and saroj tailors as our micro area. It had way more design problems to work on. I m sure this is going to be fun.

Up next we are going to discuss about the demarcation of the market through a 2D map. Come back to know more.

2nd visit

2nd visit to the market.

It was a great day. We were already familiar with the market. We knew what was where, but today we had to decide our Micro areas. Definitely it was a very challenging start. Initially we didn’t know where to start, so we started analyzing the shops with their displays and then went inside to have a better view. When selecting the micro areas there were few points we had to keep in mind. First, that it should have enough design problems that each member of our group has its own area for working. Second, the problems should have a probable solution. Keeping in mind what type of customers does the shop attracts. The task wasn’t that easy at it seemed. The few of the shops which we went in were Liberty-jute and carpets, Bottoms-Girls jeans store, Incense, the momoz hub, Zoe nails salon and poonam and saroj tailors. Most of the shops didn’t allow us to take any pictures. Keeping all the key points in mind we narrowed down to 4 Micro areas i.e. Liberty-jute and carpets, Bottoms-Girls jeans store, the momoz hub and poonam and saroj tailors.

Wait for the next post to know the reasons why these four shops were selected. Keep up the excitement and keep reading.

Rajouri market 1st visit

Greetings everyone. So glad to see you guys back on the blog. I m sure you are excited to know about how the project started.

Initially the class was allotted a market in the city, which was the macro area. Then, all the students were divided in the groups of 5. Every group had to do research on their given area.

Day 1

Field trip

On the 1st day of the market visit we mostly observed about the macro area.

Our macro area was rajouri garden main market.

Rajouri garden is an upscale market in west Delhi. Rajouri garden is adjacent by rajouri garden metro station. It additionally has a DTC bus station. This market is a chill consider for the youth around. It is outstanding for hookah bistros, family eateries, clubs and salons. Rajouri garden market is very famous in Delhi because of the accessibility of an entire assortment of attire materials around there. The market includes both vast and in addition relatively smaller shops. Rajouri market is additionally popular as Wedding business sector. A considerable measure of little shops here is concealed in tight paths. The market offers stunning art things, wonderful adornments pieces, fabric pieces and particular footwear. Be that as it may, all these astounding things should be found (with a decent measure of time close by). The huge showrooms here can fascinate you with simply their Mannequin Display. The market has everything to fulfill the shopping hunger. Situated next to Rajouri Garden Metro station, the market is a favored region among customers regardless of numerous shopping centers in region.

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Whereas there are still some problems with the busy market place, which are as follows.

  • Less ATMs
  • Congested roads with cars parked on both sides.
  • Boards and hoarding not visible properly (overlapping).
  • No washrooms.
  • No Map, signage or direction guides.
  • Less and ill maintained dustbins.
  • Improper / loose wiring throughout the market.
  • Narrow, uneven pavements, not maintained properly.
  • Market caters to middle income groups.
  • Narrow walking space due to traffic.

After all this the mob still prefers to shop from this market. It sure is special.

We learnt a lot in the 1st visit. It was amazing to not just go for shopping but to study this amazing market.

We have to wait together to know what surprises does the 2nd visit has in store for us.

Modue 4 – Brief


Welcome back to false face. I know it has been a long time since the last post was out but I am working on another excellent project. If you liked my previous project, I m sure you will like this too.

Let me give you a little brief about the project we are going to be working on.

This module introduces us to the process of design in case of a design situation.

We were asked to go on field researches, so that we can understand our macro and micro environments. We were also asked to observe the customers, the social culture, visual culture and product culture. Then we need to identify the design needs or design problems, and creatively propose the design solutions.

Something tells me this is going to be an amazing project to work on. Let us wait together and see what is up next.