Shortlisted micro areas

Hola everyone. I hope your excitement is on the same level as it was before. If not then it will be, soon, because today we are going to talk about the reasons why those four shops were selected.

1stLiberty jute and carpets

  • Too shabby display, everything rolled or packed.
  • No space to walk.
  • Shopkeeper has no place to sit.
  • No proper ventilation.
  • No place to walk on pavement.
  • No proper storage.
  • Not displaying what they claim to sell.

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2ndBottoms girls jeans store

  • Small entrance.
  • Mannequins outside the shop.
  • No place to walk on pavement.
  • Display window full of stick on.
  • Everything is packed and nothing is properly displayed.

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3rdThe momoz hub

  • No sitting area.
  • Menu board not very clear.
  • Dustbin right in front of the shop.

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4th Poonam and Saroj tailors tailors

  • In basement.
  • Basement not lit.
  • No ventilation.
  • Less storage.
  • Boards not visible.
  • Less walking space.
  • No waiting area.
  • Trial room has to be accessed through the counter.
  • Clothes stored in trial room.
  • 1 shop à 2 names.
  • Rags all over the place.

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In the end we chose Poonam and saroj tailors as our micro area. It had way more design problems to work on. I m sure this is going to be fun.

Up next we are going to discuss about the demarcation of the market through a 2D map. Come back to know more.


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