In the previous post I told you that the design intervention area I m going to work on is recycling. The idea of recycling the things that is not being used is very amusing.

Initially it was difficult as I dint know where to start; so I some brain mapping on my area of work. It gave me a better view of things.Untitled-1

So I decided to work with rags as my waste material, and the tailor shop had a lot of it.

I started working on buttons and tassels. I made potli buttons; I tried making buttons with rings. I tried making brooches; I also had the idea of turning a basic white button into a designer button with rags and threads.

I then started exploring on how to make a cloth with rags.

First I knotted two pieces together. But it was a fail. The results were very unsatisfying. It was very untidy and uneven. It had no proper shape. It had a lot of gathers. Threads were shedding etc.

Then I decided to work in the old school style, stitching. Stitching was easier. The clothes were even and tidy. It had a proper shape and was looking very attractive.

For my colors I used primary colors with black and white. I made the cloth in color blocking.


Later I used the cloth to make hand bag. Also, I braided jute rope to make my handle.

It was a lot of fun working on the solutions. Making a handbag out of rags is something I thought ill never do, but this is what designing is about. Making the use of things that people usually throw, it was a great experience.


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