Rajouri market 1st visit

Greetings everyone. So glad to see you guys back on the blog. I m sure you are excited to know about how the project started.

Initially the class was allotted a market in the city, which was the macro area. Then, all the students were divided in the groups of 5. Every group had to do research on their given area.

Day 1

Field trip

On the 1st day of the market visit we mostly observed about the macro area.

Our macro area was rajouri garden main market.

Rajouri garden is an upscale market in west Delhi. Rajouri garden is adjacent by rajouri garden metro station. It additionally has a DTC bus station. This market is a chill consider for the youth around. It is outstanding for hookah bistros, family eateries, clubs and salons. Rajouri garden market is very famous in Delhi because of the accessibility of an entire assortment of attire materials around there. The market includes both vast and in addition relatively smaller shops. Rajouri market is additionally popular as Wedding business sector. A considerable measure of little shops here is concealed in tight paths. The market offers stunning art things, wonderful adornments pieces, fabric pieces and particular footwear. Be that as it may, all these astounding things should be found (with a decent measure of time close by). The huge showrooms here can fascinate you with simply their Mannequin Display. The market has everything to fulfill the shopping hunger. Situated next to Rajouri Garden Metro station, the market is a favored region among customers regardless of numerous shopping centers in region.

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Whereas there are still some problems with the busy market place, which are as follows.

  • Less ATMs
  • Congested roads with cars parked on both sides.
  • Boards and hoarding not visible properly (overlapping).
  • No washrooms.
  • No Map, signage or direction guides.
  • Less and ill maintained dustbins.
  • Improper / loose wiring throughout the market.
  • Narrow, uneven pavements, not maintained properly.
  • Market caters to middle income groups.
  • Narrow walking space due to traffic.

After all this the mob still prefers to shop from this market. It sure is special.

We learnt a lot in the 1st visit. It was amazing to not just go for shopping but to study this amazing market.

We have to wait together to know what surprises does the 2nd visit has in store for us.


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