Details of micro area

Hello everyone. To make your day even more interesting today we are going to talk about our micro area i.e. POONAM AND SAROJ TAILORS.

As I have mentioned in the previous posts that the tailor shop had many design problems. Everyone had to come up with the design interventions that they want to work with; to start with I related the problems to each design intervention areas as follows.

  1. Marketing and packaging [creative campaign, multimedia,2d/3d print]
  • Visiting cards
  • Boards and hoardings
  • Carry bags
  • Digital marketing


  1. Display [space styling, installation] 
  • Ceiling wallpaper not appropriate
  • Mannequins required
  • Rags lying everywhere on the floor
  • Bags and polythene lying everywhere
  • More tables than required
  • Trial room not appropriate



  1. Storage [space styling] 
  • Cupboard not stored properly
  • Haphazardly stuffed clothes
  • Basement space not well utilized for storage.



  1. Lighting and seating [space styling and installation 
  • Dirty and dark basement
  • No seating or waiting area
  • Barely any light in trial room


  1. Recycling [Installation]


I loved all the design interventions, but Recycling attracted me the most.

Come back again to see what I did with my design intervention area.




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