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 So glad to see you guys back on FALSE FACE. It has been a really great start; everything till now has been very exciting and the ride is about to get even better now, as today we are going to talk about our main topic, MASK. So let’s get started.




 Eddie krassensitein | Aug 20, 2015 |3D design,3D painting| reterieved from:

Masks are objects that cover the face for many different reasons. A diverse range of material is used to prepare it, depending on the usage. Different masks are used for different purpose, for example: protection, disguise, masquerade, entertainment or ritual purposes. The oldest mask that was found is from 7000 BC, at that time masks were used for rituals and ceremonies. The art of making masks must be older, but the material used did not continue to exist, (leather and wood). The older masks are similar in appearance, but the style, usage and techniques used to make them are different. They can be found in different places of the world.



Views Of South AfricaMasks form a large part of Africa’s tribal culture (Mark Kolbe / Getty Images / Getty Images) / reterieved from:

In Africa, ritual masks have various uses .In West Africa; they help to communicate with ancestral spirits in ceremonies. Majorly used material is wood. Masks are made with great skills. Such masks are used in ritual masquerades of Edo, Yoruba and Igbo cultures. Animals are also used as an inspiration. In Africa, it is said that it helps to communicate to animal spirits of savannas and forests. Antelope is one of the most common masks. It symbolizes a farmer. Tribes make mask as symbol of different attributes.

I find mask and its history very interesting. I hope you guys do to. This was just an overview. For the real deal, you have to wait for the upcoming blogs. Hold on tight and keep reading.

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