The Dawn


Yes, I m learning new languages.

Welcome back everyone,

This semester in college we are given a very interesting project. To start with; we had to choose a topic from any Indian or international craft, folk art, tribal art, design movement or biomimicry. Then we were asked to collect data on the topics, initially most of us had 3 topics. Kintsugi, Matryoshka dolls and African Masks. Quite interesting, right? It was a lot of fun working on these topics.

–Kintsugi is the art of golden joinery. In Japan, broken pottery is considered bad. Hence, the craft was invented. Lacquer dust is mixed with powered gold and is used to repair the broken pottery.



–Matryoshka dolls are Russian dolls. It is a set of wooden dolls¬†of decreasing size placed one inside another.


–African masks are wooden masks. They are mostly inspired by animals, mythical creatures and human faces. African masks are culturally very rich. Minor elements of the masks may also have a great symbolism


African Tribal Masks by JustinBowen/retrieved from:


Finally, I chose African masks. I think it will be fun to learn about the stories behind different types of masks.


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