Inception !!



Hello Fellas !!

Let me tell you, my college has been quite a rollercoaster journey and I am sure most of you have also felt the same at some point in life. From learning how to sketch to finding my hidden talents, it has always been something new and different. I am Poorva Johri, a Fashion styling and image design student in Pearl Academy. To be a design student has always been a dream and living that dream is inexpressible. I am a very happy-go-lucky.  I’ll try my best that you feel the same after reading my blogs or I should say my daily journal..

Now lets talk about “False Face”. It’s all about REVEALING the UNREVEALED, be it details about the project or my experience doing this (as this is my first time blogging). I really hope that I can make it interesting enough that you want to come back and read more. The Project I have been working on is a design process and my topic is MASKS also known as FALSE FACE. I have a lot of information to share with you guys. So let’s get started.

I would love to see you guys back. Hope you will come and join me in my mini journey.

Bye Bye , (until next time)

Poorva Johri signing off


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